Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toddler Time: Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is just two days away. . . I can't believe it! One of biggest annoyances is Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. And, to make matters worse, this year, retailers started promoting Christmas as soon as Halloween was over (if not before!). Sadly, in a retail based society, we tend to want, want, and want. I confess, there are tons of things I want (and can't have), but I really wanted to start the season of THANKFULNESS teaching my son (who is 2) about being thankful. So, we made a thankful tree.
This project took 3 days, because the first day we traced everything (so I could cut them out), and then we glued everything down, and then when it was dry, we wrote what we were thankful for. I will remind you that I have a 2 year old, so the attention span is not that great, so breaking up art projects for smaller kids is a great idea and helps them keep their focus. It also doesn't take that much out of your day in order to do it.
We had so much fun doing this craft! I look forward to doing it again each year and seeing how the things he is thankful for changes as he gradually understands the concept of thankfulness more each year.

I also have some other thanksgiving crafts that I am just not sure I am going to get posted in time for thanksgiving. . . but you can Google preschool thanksgiving crafts and tons (I mean TONS) of ideas will pop up.

What kinds of projects have you been doing with your toddler or little one? Please comment, I love hearing what you've been up to!

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