Monday, May 09, 2011

Toddler Time: Sunflowers

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of you had a terrific day celebrating your mom or being celebrated yourself. This year, my husband set some time just to have some family time. It meant missing church, but usually our day is so packed that they just give me my gift and we head to church and that would be the extent of my mother's day. This year, we had a nice breakfast at Panera (their souffles are amazing!!!) and then meandered around Riverpark. Time is one of my love languages and it meant so much to have some time with my family that wasn't just running errands. That was my favorite part of the day!

I feel so blessed to be the mother of 2 wonderful boys! I have so much fun with them, I just cannot explain it! Last week we finished an art project that we had started 2 weeks ago (I put it aside to dry and never got back to it. . . oops!). To go with this project we read books about sunflowers and planted a sunflower that we are currently watching grow. I cannot explain the excitement of my 2 year old as he watched it grow inches over several days. He still loves watching it as he waters it every day. It is so cute!

So, you will have to excuse the photo. I took it on my phone and when I downloaded it, my computer will let me turn it around, but when it uploads it goes back to it's original direction. So, I apologize for the neck ache, ahead of time.

My little sunflower! This art project was so easy. . . even though it took a few weeks to finish. It is also one that will NOT be going in the trash. I will have to do a post about what I do with his art projects after they have lived out their time on the fridge.

Yellow and green washable paint. (I use Crayola washable finger paints)
a picture of your child

Paint your child's hand with yellow paint and press it down on paper. Go around in a circle, repeating each time with additional paint. I made mine wreath like, so their was a big opening in the middle without paint. Wash hands and on a separate piece of paper do the same thing with green, except don't have them touch. Let paint dry and then cut out green hand prints (these will be your leaves). Find a picture of your child and cut it out in the shape of a circle. Glue picture and leaves on. Hang on fridge with pride of how cute your little sunflower is!

Have fun!

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