Monday, January 23, 2012

I might be losing it, but first some deliciousness!

For awhile tonight I thought I was losing my mind.  Those that know me probably are saying, it's been gone for awhile.  But this week is crunch time at my house.  It's a MOPS week combined with a little someone's first birthday party coming up.  Throw that in with a first dentist appt for Ethan and a random Dr. appt for Weston (he's got a funky skin thing going on since the Roseola and we aren't sure if he is developing a milk allergy or has some sort of virus going one).  So, I am taking a quick break from birthday stuff to show you this:  Yes, it's amazing.  And yes, it's another Pinterest find (I can't help myself. . . there are great ideas out there!).  

I made this yummy breakfast wreath for Christmas morning.  It was so yummy.  I used my heart shaped bundt pan (a wedding gift that I registered for thinking no one would pay 30 bucks for me to bake in this thing. . . I was wrong and I love it!), some Pilsbury Grands Biscuits, and everything turned out so scrumptious.  I think I am going to make it again for breakfast on Saturday. . . afterall, it is birthday party day!

Go visit All things Delicious for the recipe. It is great. . . Easy. . . and delicious!  Plus, if you use a fun shaped bunt pan, you can make it festive, too.  I don't know, I just may have to do this for Valentine's Day.

Happy Monday!

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