Thursday, January 05, 2012

Brownie balls: Christmas wrap-up, part 1

I love Christmas time!  The whole month of December is always filled with so many fun-filled activities.  And, I think adding kids into the mix makes it somewhat busier, and then this year, I added Pampered Chef!  So, it has been Crazy around here.  Last week, I said I would be more consistent. . . who knows what happened. . . life apparently.  

So, in honor of Christmas being over and January starting, I thought I would post my Christmas Brownie Balls. They are great! Bad for the diet, but amazingly Delicious!  This year with my Christmas baking, I tried to incorporate everyone's favorite treat.  Jon picked his usual, peanut butter balls and Ethan picked these brownie balls.  They were so very easy!  Did you make anything this year?  If so, what was your favorite thing that you made or received?

Brownie Balls

Brownie Mix
Chocolate fudge frosting
chocolate candy coating
sprinkles (optional)

:: Make brownies according to package directions.
:: Let cool, and then crumble and place in bowl.  Put a few spoonfulls of frosting and mix together with your hands.  You don't want to use too much frosting, or else they won't stick nicely together and you will have a mess.  
:: Put waxed paper or parchment paper on narrow (needs to fit in the freezer) baking sheet.  Start rolling into balls.  Place balls on baking sheet and freeze for about 24 hours.  
::  Melt chocoalte candy coating and dip frozen balls, covering the whole thing.  Put back on waxed paper or parchement paper and let sit until hardened.  Sprinkle sprinkles over the top while still wet.  

These freeze really well and can be made several weeks in advance and then frozen until ready to serve.  These are always fun to keep on hand in case someone drops by and you need a fun dessert.  

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  1. We made our favorite traditional Christmas morning pastry, Martha Washington Fan. Look fancy but so easy.


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