Thursday, May 17, 2012

one of those afternoons. . .

It's 3:00.  My kids have been "down" for a nap for over 2 hours.  One just fell asleep and one is still trying his hardest to break every rule in the house. . . even broke the crib.  Yeah. . . It's just one of those afternoons when it is just tough being a mom.  

I saw this quote on Pinterest during the 3 year old's many attempts to NOT take a nap.  It made me smile.  Maybe tonight, I will run away.  Or maybe my wonderful sweet husband will take a walk so I can have a moment of time to just have some quiet.  

I also saw this on Pinterest, So. . . I think I am going to go live this out this afternoon and enjoy the storm.  Hopefully it's a short one, but I am going to find the good in it. . . and maybe dance.  
I hope you are having a great day!  

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