Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a bit of deliciousness

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I am currently camped outside the bedroom hoping my one year old falls back to sleep.  The three year old fell asleep less than an hour ago and their is still at least an hour of naptime left.  ACK!  Do you relish your naptime like I do?  Anyways, It's about time I posted this delicious cake.   
This was Jon's birthday cake. . . a special request. . . long gone.  But, it's about time I shared.  I know you were all curious sitting on pins and needles wondering how his cake turned out. . . as you well should be.  Well, don't despair. . . it's here. . . a special Memorial Day cake for you (it's not too late to start baking, you know!).

You see, I love my husband to death.  He's a great guy.  Usually he asks for white cake, white frosting. . . all prepackaged and full of yummy chemicals, I am sure.  But this year was different.  My husband found Cake Boss, compliments of our membership to Netflix.  He decided he wanted something fancy.  He wanted a white cake (of course!) with vanilla bean frosting filled with luscious, fresh strawberries.  I was so excited that I could't wait to start planning this beautiful cake.  

Doesn't it just look lovely?  

He's really not 7 years old. . . but we didn't have enough candles to fill up the cake.  Blowing out candles is a must for our family. . . if Ethan had it his way, we would have birthday cake and candle blowing every night!  Seriously!  

So, here's the recipes I used to get this fabulous cake!

You can find the fabulous frosting recipe here
and the white cake. . . I honestly can't remember what recipe and i guess i forgot to pin it. . . major fail . . it was a good cake!

Strawberries: I sliced a bunch of yummy berries and spooned a few tablespoons of sugar over them, gave them a whirl with a spoon and let them sit for a few minutes while a nice syrup formed.  Then I spooned them over the middle layer of frosting and left some for the top.  


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