Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

So, my family has joined the Happy Family Movement and made a bucket list of summer activities.  Some are free activities, some are expensive.  We may not get to do them all, but we will sure try.  In fact, some may happen more than once.

I think it's good to get our list on paper.  Or else, we are just going to talk about what we want to do and never do anything. . . and that wouldn't be fun would it?  Another reason it is good to put them down on paper is to be able to budget the things we want to do and to make sure we have some free/almost free things as our summer plans.

So here goes our list. . . .

1.  Gilroy Gardens
2.  Monterey Children's Museum
3.  Beach
4.  Grant's Grove - I think Ethan would get a kick out of walking through trees!
5.  Baseball game
6.  zoo trips
7.  miniature golfing
8.  backyard camping
9.  S'more nights
10.  Movie mornings at Riverpark
11.  Splash Park
12.  Water play (LOTS of it!)
13.  Water Balloons
14.  hide a geocache
15. swimming
16.  fossil museum
17. bike rides
18.  Ice cream in a bag
19.  The Griffith Observatory
20.  Disneyland (MOST likely not gonna happen)

21.  Find a fun way to display this in our house.  Guess, I am gonna spend some time on Pinterest.  Got any ideas to share?  Did I forget anything? What's on your bucket list? Comments welcome!

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