Wednesday, October 09, 2013


This has been a strange week and it's only Wednesday.  Ever have one of those weeks where you can't seem to get anything done or seem to think straight?  Yep, this has been that week.
Today, I went to the dentist for a regular check up, getting my teeth all nice and shiny clean and the hygenienst says "uh oh!"  Yep. . . not something you probably want to hear while you are getting your teeth cleaned.  A tooth that had broken 3 years ago (when I was prego with Weston) had come lose, which was something I had suspected was happening.  So basically, as she was cleaning my teeth, part of my tooth came loose and fell on my tongue.  Now, this was actually perfect, because I was already at the dentist and they fixed it right there.  Unfortunately, that meant lots of novacaine and a numb face for the majority of the day (in fact, it is still numb right now).  Kind of funny.  Needless to say, I spent my afternoon cuddling with my 5 year old who was home sick (again!).

So, here's what I have been up to lately. . . it makes me feel like I am really accomplishing something even though it feels like I'm not.  Posting my happenings to instagram really helps. . .
Weston has at least one pair of pajamas done and 3 other pairs almost done.  It has been way cheaper to make them then to go and buy pajamas. . . I will be posting my tips and how I did it soon. . . be on the lookout!  By the way, he is officially potty trained and has taken to it quite nicely.
A couple weeks ago, I was dared to make some yummy pumpkin goodness!  They taste amazing and I will be sharing the recipe with you in the next few days.
Meet my bathroom redo. . . We painted the walls last week and this week I am working on the cabinets using Annie Sloan paint.  I am so excited at how it's turning out.

Fixing lunches for my 5 year old has proven quite the challenge.  But, I am loving these lunch containers that fit right into his lunch box.  I can fill it with yummy lunch options that my son can chow down on.  He has decided that PBJ's are for at home and so, creativity has been key.  Thank goodness, he loved deviled eggs! 

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