Friday, October 04, 2013

Survivor Week

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Last week, as with most end of the month weeks, are what I like to call SURVIVOR WEEK.  
They are harder than others.  
They make me think outside of the box.
They make me get a little more creative when picking out recipes. 

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It's the week, where there is little or no money left in my food budget and as easy as it would be to just grab money out of savings, we don't like to do it. . . because where would our savings be when we want to go and have a fun trip or say, buy a jogging stroller? I used to be bad and just go spend money because we needed the food.  But, after some practice, I am finding that we actually have food to use. . . we really aren't going to starve. So, it has become a rule that once the allotted money is gone, we can only spend if it's for things that are necessary. . . like milk or eggs.  Creativity has been key.  Thinking outside of the box is good for the brain.  DIY is necessary.  

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Sometimes dinners are what I call lame.  I'm not going to lie, sometimes they are just not that pretty.  Other times, I completely surprise myself with something truly amazing.  Last week, I discovered this recipe. . . it is now on our favorite list!  It is usually a bit more work for me, but it is well worth it to save some money!  We use the bread maker. . . a lot.  Sometimes, I have leftovers that I froze for later meals. . . that's like Christmas in the freezer!  Sometimes, I find something in the pantry that I picked up because it was on sale a few weeks before and forgot about it.   The difficult part of Survivor week is the lack of produce.  The majority of our food purchases are fresh produce. . . and once it's gone during survivor week, it's gone.  But, I promise, we usually are still eating pretty healthy.  

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Here are some helpful tips for implementing your own survivor week:
1.  Take inventory of what you have.  
2.  Menu plan (I will be doing a post about that soon.)
3.  Use the internet and your cookbooks to look for recipes using what you have. 
4.  Try to go to the store as little as possible. . . if you need something send your husband, that way if you are like me, you won't pick up anything extra.
5.  Try new recipes.  
6.  Try new techniques. . . if you don't have a bread maker, try making your own bread.  There are some great quick bread recipes on Pinterest. 

Do you have some of your own tips on how you help your food budget?  Please share by leaving a comment!  I love it when I get feedback!  

*** all images were found via Pinterest and are linked back to their original etsy shops.  Please visit those shops if you are interested in their artwork. 

Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Have you checked out the site It has some yummy yummy recipes that she makes from scratch (or mostly), mostly healthy AND cheap!! She even lists how much it costs per serving and per meal! Talk about taking all the worry away :) My family has several favorites from her site and non of them know, I just fed the entire family of 5 for about $1.00 each person! DEAL!


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