Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Card Ornaments {tutorial}

It's Christmas Eve and my house is almost ready for our Christmas Eve celebration with my inlaws.  We are hosting this year, and I think everything is in order.  Cookies are in the oven as I write, and I only have one other chili to make for our Chili Bar.  So, I am taking a deserved break and blogging before I forget.  Because you might just want to do this as you unwind from Christmas. . . before you put your Christmas decorations away until next year.  
This is a really easy paper ornament that you can use with your favorite card-stock (variety or all the same) or your Christmas cards.  I chose to do one with my Christmas cards from this year and last year.  It will probably take about 2 cards to get all  6 circles punched.  You can use a circle or a scallop punch.  But, if you don't have a punch or a circle cutter, find a lid in the size you like and trace them and then cut it out.  It's a bit more work, but it works.  You will also need some glue, bakers twine (or some sort of string), and two buttons per ornament.

  Step 1: Punch out circles where you want them.  I made sure I got one with the year on it.

 Step 2: Cut a piece of string about 3 times the length of your circles (enough to fold in half, and still be enough for a loop to hang on the tree).  Thread it through the button.  Set aside for now.

 Step 3: Fold each circle in half and glue sides together.  Don't use a ton of glue because it will leak out the sides.  Before you glue the first side and the last side, put your sting in the middle of the folds.  Pull string up, so button lies flesh with the bottom of the ornament.  Glue it shut.  Thread the last button through the string, tie to button and then tie towards the end of the string to make a loop, for hanging.
 Ta-da!  You have an ornament!!!
 It looks so pretty hanging from the tree!!! (this one was last years').

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

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