Tuesday, December 03, 2013

It's Advent time {Christmas Traditions, part 2}

I love seeing all my friend's posts on Facebook of their Elf doing all sorts of mischievously, creative things.  I love the creative excitement that it brings to each of their households.

Since at our house, we are striving to put the focus on Christ and not on Santa, his elves, or his reindeer.  I wanted to do something that when other kids are talking about their Elves, they will have a tradition to share.  Plus, it's a lot of fun and the kids get sooo excited!

At the beginning of Advent, we pull out our Little People Nativity and quickly hide Jesus. . . he doesn't show up until his birthday.  We are waiting on Jesus' arrival and we can't wait!  

We also hide Mary and Joseph and each morning, they can be found in different areas of the house until they finally make it to the stable on Christmas Eve.  Ethan is finally getting to the age when he remembers what we did the year before and reminds me. . . or wants to do it himself. 

In fact, last night I spent 20 minutes searching the house for our dear Mary and Joseph and could not find them to hide.  Ethan beat me to it and hid them for us!  I have some fun plans for tonight. . . and I'm pretty sure I made sure Mary and Joseph were kept unhidden when the kids went to bed. . .  I think. . . 

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