Wednesday, December 04, 2013

In honor of National Cookie Day

I was completely ready to take on part 3 in my Advent/Christmas Traditions series until I opened my Bloglovin' Feed and saw that today is National Cookie Day.  Of course, everything must be put on hold, because. . . well, because it's COOKIES!  You know me and cookies!  (and if you are new to the blog and haven't figured out, I love cookies!).  In fact, I have a whole page designated to cookies and it's cookie relative, the bar.  So, in honor of National Cookie Day. . . because cookies really are that Awesome, I give you my favorites (as of now).

Favorite Chocolate Chip: Smitten Kitchen Favorite recipe.  I make these all.the.time.  It has become my go-to recipe and I keep them stocked in the freezer ready to go on a moments notice.  They are that good! They also have a controversial history. . . you will have to read it on the smitten kitchen post.

Favorite Oatmeal Chocolate Chip:  These cookies have just a hint of orange zest that make the flavor unique, as well as addicting.

Favorite Snickerdoodle: The Chewy one. This one just melts in your mouth with it's soft and chewy bite.  Also, very addictive!

Favorite White Chocolate Chip: Cranberry Hooty Creeks.  This recipe takes me back to my first year of MOPS with every bite!  These are great to do gifts in a jar because you know they are going to be awesome!

Favorite Peanut Butter: Snickers Peanut Butter.  Because anything with Snickers in it is just that much better!

Favorite Bar Cookie: My go-to!  Sometimes you just aren't in the mood for the effort and time of a good cookie.  These are super quick, just a few ingredients, and taste heavenly! 

What's your favorite recipe?  And What recipe would you like to see me make next?

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