Monday, August 25, 2014

Easy skillet monkey bread

It's quiet.  I started preschool this morning with Weston, my littlest.  He cried and we didn't even leave the house.  I will leave that story for another day.  There is a calmness at my house that I haven't seen since. . . well. . . I don't remember.  It's peaceful.  I may never leave the house again.  Oh, wait.  We have to eat.  Well, I will leave the house to get food. . . and Starbucks.   Oh, and maybe to pick up Ethan from school.  But other than that, I am going to be a home body this year.  

Anyways, Now I am rambling and it's still quiet.  So, let me share this amazing breakfast treat (I am really sure that it's not good for you. . . which is perfectly fine every now and then, if you ask me!).  This recipe uses one of my favorite kitchen skillet. . . the Cast Iron.  Feel some Cast Iron love!  
Take a tablespoon or two and rub it all over your skillet.  It's already seasoned and if you forget this part, it probably won't matter.  It just helps add some butter to underneath.  
My skillet is the Lodge 8inch, so if you are using the 12 inch., you will need 2 packages of biscuits.  Put some sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.  No measuring required, just eye ball it.  I usually go heavier on the cinnamon, but it is completely up to your taste preferences.
Cut your bisucuits up into pieces. I just cut them into fourths.
Roll them around a few times in your cinnamon sugar mixture.  Get them nice and covered.
Throw them in your skillet.
Melt some butter.
Add some brown sugar
Give it a good stir until it is nice and smooth.
Pour it over your biscuits.
Stick in oven.  I did mine at 375, which is what is recommended by Pillsbury.
While that is baking, mix some powdered sugar with a tablespoon of softenend butter.  Then add some milk to taste.  I also added a smidge of cinnamon to the sugar for extra flavor.
Stir until nice and creamy.  And drizzle over the top of cooked biscuits.

Happy Eating!  

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