Monday, August 11, 2014

Making progress and making lists

I'm making progress on one of the littles quilts.  Most likely for Weston, our little surfer boy.  I fell in love with this fabric one day during spring break.   It has been cut up and is now being sewn up.  But don't let the 9 patch fool you. . . it's going to disappear shortly.  I have made the same pattern way back here.  It's a super fun quilt and I am sooo very excited to see it finished.  

I need to iron Ethan's rectangles, but my ironing happens in the garage and quite frankly it's just too hot.  So until then, my focus is on this quilt and Ethan's birthday party.  

Lists are starting to happen like crazy.  I have avoided them all summer.  But, now as school approaches (next week, folks!), I feel like I need to get things done.  

My house is a fairly clean.   But, you wouldn't know that by the piles of activities piled on our dining room table and counters.  I must de-clutter.  soon.  it's driving me crazy! 

I am starting Weston with preschool this year.  He has really developed a love for learning this year, where as last year he could have cared less.  I am excited to get things going and start playing with some of our new things!  

Ethan's birthday party is coming soon and I need to get things going with that.  The invitation is almost complete and then to start getting crafty and making preparations.  I think it's going to be super cute!  

I just ordered some new stamps to play with and I am sure some play time will need to be scheduled.  

So, for now, I am going to go play with my boys.  And enjoy them  both being home for one more week.  But, to keep it real, I CANNOT wait for school to start. . . he is ready!  

Happy Monday! 

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