Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finally! {Marshmallows}

I feel really bad.  I can't believe I almost forgot to post this recipe.  So, I am going to do it now, before it is a whole year has gone by (don't worry. . . it hasn't even been 2 months.).  

So.  Homemade marshmallows.  At first thought, you might think:
 - she's crazy.
- uh, gross. 
- she's THAT mom.  (you know the one that makes us all feel guilty).
- That's so much work!

So first of all, I already know I am a bit crazy.  Ask my friends.  Even ask my husband.  It's true.  There's no hiding it.  In fact, if you've been reading this blog for any alloted time, you might have figured it out already. 

Second of all.  not gross.  Life changing, actually.  I'll be honest with you: the kids dove right in.  The parents. . . not so much.  They really are quite wonderful.  Espeically toasted, slightly melty, and combined with chocolate and grahams (you know. . .a S'more!).  

Thirdly, I did not do this to make moms all over the world feel guilty.  I did it because Ethan asked for S'mores and it was something on my baking bucket list.  I was in the mood for a challenge.  

And last, they were soooo easy.  (I say easy if you have a stand mixer.  If you have a hand mixer, expect it to be a tad more work, and for your arm to get a bit tired).  

We toasted them on parchment paper under the broiler for a teeny tiny bit. Just enough for them to turn a beautiful golden brown.  I sent a small batch with my friend Stephanie camping the weekend before just to see how they were with her s'mores.  She came back satisfied and wanting more.  But, she also said they got really gooey on a stick and would slide off.  So, we toasted them.  It went quick and was super easy.  We also sent the kiddos outside to enjoy their tasty treats. 

I made both chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.  I bought graham crackers in regular, chocolate, and cinnamon.  I also bought Hershey bars, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate and Caramel with sea salt, and Andes Mints.  My favorite was the vanilla marshmallow with regular grahams and dark chocolate caramel square.  So.very.delicious.  

The vanilla marshmallow recipe came from here

The Chocolate recipe came from here

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