Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let the craziness begin!

My baby turns 4 this weekend!  Hard to believe how quickly the time has gone.  A small part of me is sad that he really isn't a baby anymore, but a little kid.  However, a greater part of me is so excited we are officially moving into another phase of parenting.  It's exciting watching them grown and learn and become little people!  I look forward to many new milestones with the same excitement as I had when he first rolled over, took his first steps, or called my name!  

So, as usual, we are throwing a small party and the party prep is fully underway.  Not to mention it's a fairly busy week around here, too.  I think that Sunday, we will all take naps!  I'm working my way through Gilmore Girls and catching up on my NCIS shows while I am working on projects.  It really is good times around here!  

Going to go tackle my to-do list now. . . 

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