Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015: My first post of the year

It's 2015 guys.

 It's apparently the year that Michael J. Fox travels to the future in.  . . too.  My kids got razors. . . no flying skateboards this year.

The past month has flown by.  I honestly can't believe I didn't blog the whole time.  Vacation kept me very busy.  And by very busy, I mean sleeping in and going to bed late.  We've had lots of family time and a really yucky cold bug that my sweet boys passed on to me.  Really nice of them, I know.

We went on adventures and watched a ton of T.V. It seriously was grand! I didn't even menu plan until Sunday night and I hardly baked at all over break (shocker!).  Yesterday rolled around at 7:00 came so quickly.  I think the my body screamed the whole time, all while doing a happy dance that I could get back to a routine.  It was the strangest day.  But now today is here, reality is quickly being adjusted to, and hopefully the words decide to flow.

I've thought about this post for over a week.  I sat down and the words disappeared.  So, pardon what seems to be my ramblings at this point.

According to social media I've been told that I should make resolutions, goals, or even pick a word.  I have lots of friends that picked words, made cute signs, and I honestly can't think of a word.  I made my usual list of goals for the year with my husband that contains mostly household projects that we want to tackle this year.

Last year, I created, and made, and didn't do everything I set out to do.  My list was always too long and there just weren't enough hours in the day.  That, and I like to sleep.  I hate to go to bed, but I love to sleep!  Not everything made it onto the blog, but I tried to post things on instagram as much as possible.

This year, I want to strive and enjoy.  I want to finish quilts, read more, and challenge myself in new areas.  I have a few new ideas to add to the blog, which I can't wait to share with you.  I also want to write more snail mail, because it's just awesome.  I got a handwritten (and handmade) card in the mail today, and it was seriously one of the best things!  I am trying to think of some way to create a challenge out of it.  If you have any ideas, message me or comment at the bottom.

I want to build community with the readers of this blog and inspire.  I don't know if that's a lofty goal for this year, but I started this blog as an outlet for my creativity after my oldest was born.  Next month, this blog will be 6 years old and I am still writing.  Pinterest and instagram have come and changed things a bit, but I am still blogging and I love it!  I don't blog because I want to brag about what my hands have made, but to inspire someone to reach out and try something.

With that, I am going to go cuddle with my boys and enjoy the quiet that this afternoon has brought.

What's on your mind when you think of 2015????

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