Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I think it's time for a recipe

It's insane around here.  We started the week off with the first day of school and a sick kid.  Thankfully, the sick kid wasn't the one that had to start school yesterday!  Wouldn't that stink!  I accomplished close to nothing yesterday except cuddle with a sleeping little.  It was awesome! 
Today, I am exhausted, but attempting to get things done.  I have a bottle of cold brew just waiting to be open and made into an iced latte.  That might just have to happen. Soon. 

oOne of the best parts of living in the Central Valley is the fresh produce, especially summer produce.  It's a nice exchange for the heat.  We have so many farmer's Markets it's awesome.  But, the coolest part is CSU Fresno is quite literally down the street and they are BIG on Agriculture (it is the Central Valley, of course!).  One thing that they have mastered is their corn.  People wait in LONG lines when it first makes its debut at the farm store.  I have stocked up throughout the summer and have froze several bags full.  I kind of feel like a squirrel saving acorns for winter.  I managed to get some ears on Thursday before they were gone for good.  I was so excited.  So, today, I cooked them up and got them ready to freeze.

And, I made corn salsa.  So, I thought I would share my recipe, which really isn't a precise recipe. . . we aren't baking it.  There's no chemistry involved. . . only your taste buds. So, if you like it hot, or even hot, hot, add more.  If you don't like it spicy at all. . . use fewer (or no) Jalapenos.  This recipe is really close to the Chipotle one. . . so if you aren't  in the mood to go spend all your money on lunch, make this.  There are ton's of recipes all over Pinterest. . . this is how I do mine.  If you want to do more, just make the proportions appropriate to your taste buds and your hunger. 
Small Batch Corn Salsa
note:  I do not measure when I make this, so I am estimating it here.  It really is all about taste and making it just how you like it. 

1 - 2 cups of corn, cooked
1/4 cup chopped red onion
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 Jalapeno, seeded and diced
salt, to taste
lime juice, to taste

Put all ingredients in a bowl and toss together.   Try not to eat it all.  Chill covered until ready to serve with tortilla chips or your family's taco night. 

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