Monday, April 25, 2011


are seriously the perfect gift. They are yummy, inexpensive, and you can do just about anything with them. Last week, I hosted a dessert appreciation for the ladies that serve in MOPs. I had so much fun, but more on that later. I needed to come up with a nice, yet inexpensive gift that showed how much I appreciated their hard work and love towards the mommies that come to our MOPS meetings (they really do work hard!). I had seen this idea a couple months back on several blogs. . . mostly regarding wedding favors. . . and just couldn't get the idea out of my head.
For these cupcakes, I went with a box of devils food cake mix, marshmallow filling made pink with Wilton coloring gel, and a basic chocolate butter cream frosting. They were amazing.

Here's a quick tutorial. . . and I mean quick. . .

Step 1: Bake cupcakes according to box directions (or make them from scratch. . . you pick how much work you put into them).
Step 2: Cut cupcakes in half.
Step 3: Place bottom in jar.
Step 4: Spoon desired amount of filling onto cupcake half.
Step 5: Cover with top of cupcake.
Step 6: Using a piping bag, pipe frosting over cupcake.
Step 6: (optional) sprinkle sprinkles over the top (that sounded redundant didn't it?). I used Nestle Toll House spring mini morsels (they were yellow and pink. . . the exact pink of my filling to be exact.)
Step 7: Screw on lid of jar and decorate as you want.

Super easy? Completely! I used the half pint jars by Kerr and found them at my local grocery store. I wrapped them with a pink ribbon with a bottle cap charm attached to each one (I'll let you know how I did those on a later post. . . I promise!).

On another note, I hope you all had a great celebration of Resurrection Day! My weekend was filled with activity and fun. In fact, it was so busy, we forgot to dye the Easter eggs. . . okay, we didn't forget, they are hard boiled. . . we just ran out of time. . . More on that later! You'll have to check back tomorrow. I have LOTS to show you!

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