Monday, April 11, 2011

He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Yesterday I looked at my calendar and realized that Easter was in exactly 2 weeks. Seriously, I knew it was coming, but for some reason thought I had more time. WAKE UP, Jolie!!!!! So, I took advantage of both boys napping and got out the Resurrection Eggs I had started last year at one of our MOPS meetings. I had every intention of finishing them, but for some reason never did. I went through each egg and realized I was missing some of the "treasures" and quickly went to GOOGLE to rescue me. I had to make a few changes because I couldn't remember what some of mine were and I was missing some. I found a great tutorial here complete with verses and everything!
So, tonight at dinner we will be doing egg #1. . . The palm branch. I am really excited to start this tradition with Ethan, and eventually Weston.
I am also super excited about the books I bought for their Easter baskets. Ethan is going to be getting Benjamin's Box, a story about the Resurrection Eggs and Weston will be getting The Three Trees. We will also be baking some Resurrection cookies and dying Easter eggs and then hunting for them.

Have a Happy Easter!

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