Friday, April 15, 2011

my new best friend. . .

is my iphone. Seriously! It keeps my awake (sometimes) in the middle of the night with countless games of Solitaire and Words with Friends. But more recently, it has been a saver of dinner. I am a planner, but on occasion I need a dinner idea and quick. . . like when I am at the store. This app has given me inspiration on meal planning days and when I am at the store pondering what we are going to have for dinner that very night.

I use a lot. It is a great collection or recipes from just about everywhere. It is full of awesomely rated recipes as well as great hints and ideas that make recipes better. Plus, it's free. . . I am a liker of free things.
It lays everything out so easily. For instance, a few weeks ago, I was at the store in need of inspiration. So I opened the app and clicked Main Dish, pasta, and ready any time. It brought up a good number of recipes and I quickly scanned one that pleased my eyes in hopes to please my family's bellies. Right then and there, I had a recipe, ingredients, and there was no stress to get dinner on the table. Actually, there was an incredible rush of excitement (okay, I am weird, I know. . .).
The first recipe I made was linguine with peppers and sausage. . . mmm. . . it was so good, I am making it again tomorrow night! And then, this last week I made slow cooker chicken tortilla soup, which the was another huge success!

Have you used this app?
What do you think of it?
What has been your favorite recipe so far?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes
    Its pretty awesome
    my favorite has been a simple roasted chicken with lemons and herbs

    i am so glad that you were won over from the dark side of a black berry to the awesome side of iphones!

  2. i don't have a fancy phone =-( glad you found something that helps with the 'dinner ideas'!!


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