Friday, June 03, 2011

Favorites: Pampered Chef Style

I have a kitchen gadget fetish. I get my gadgets from Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Sur La Table, and Pampered Chef. I am actually having a Pampered Chef Party on Friday, June 10th. I have been spending some time getting very distracted and browsing the catalog wondering what I am going to get to add to my collection. So, I thought I would show you my top ten favorite Pampered Chef gadgets/products that I use on a regular basis. So here goes it:

1. Easy Accent Decorator - I love this! I use it for decorating my cupcakes, making cream puffs, deviled eggs. . . I use it a lot. In fact, I use it way more than I ever thought I would.
2. I always buy the Season's Best cookbook at Pampered Chef parties. . . they are only a dollar! Seriously! They have some fantastic recipes inside, too! In fact, the very first recipe I posted on this blog came from one of them.. . it was delicious!!!!!!!

3. Sweet Sprinkles . . . I have mentioned these a lot in my posts. They are the perfect accent to so many of my muffins, scones, and pies. They just came out with an apple one. . . definitely on my shopping list!
4. Mini Spatula. . . this is by far one of the most used things in my utensil drawer. It is perfect for digging into a dish of brownies or rice krispie treats. Sometimes, I wish I had 2.
5. Large serving spatula. This is my lasagna getter out go to utensil. Did that make sense? I hope so. It has slightly sharp (not like a knife sharp, but sharp enough to cut through pasta or cake) edges so that you can cut right into your lasagna (or anything for that matter) and put a very pretty piece of cake or lasagna onto someones plate without looking like it oozed out all over the place. It is also really easy to clean up melted cheese on (some of my "pretty" spatulas don't).
6. Batter Bowl. I have a large one and a small one. I love that they come with a lid. You can even bake with them, although I haven't tried that (If I need to make a Barbie cake, you can bet I am going to use this bowl!). I use it for making my pancake batter or a quick dish of brownies. It's perfect!
7. Quick-cut paring knife. I love these. When I taught, these went into my lunch bag. When I went on a major road trip with gestational diabetes a few years ago, one came with me. I use them for apples, but they can be used for just about anything. They are super cheap, like 1 to 2 dollars a piece. My favorite part. . . if I lose them, it's okay. . . they are easy to replace.
8. Can Opener. I am weird about can openers. I don't like the metal shards that tend so come off the cans and sometimes end up in your food. . . it just seems gross and icky. . and dangerous? This can opener just loosens the glue from the lid and pops it right off. . . no metal shards. . . no mess. . . it's great!

9. Spoonula. It's actually a Mix and Stir, but it is heavy duty and can withstand heat. I can not only use it to whip up a batch of brownies, but I can use it when I am making something on the stove top, because they can withstand high heat, which is great!

10. Slice and Serve. This is the greatest pie cutter/server ever! It can cut beautiful slices of pie as well as round cakes. I can't serve pie without it. . . it is simply the greatest invention ever!

If in you're in the area and want to come, feel free. Leave a comment, if you want info. If you want to order something you can go here to shop online. I highly reccommend Pampered Chef products, they are incredible, quality products perfect for your cooking and baking adventures.

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