Monday, June 06, 2011

childhood memories

My grandparents had the most amazing garden growing up. It was HUGE! I remember when my grandma would pickle cucumbers, make chili sauce, and pickle the beets. I remember eating peas off the vine. . . it was the only way I liked them. Everything tasted so good fresh out the garden. I can't wait to build my raised beds so that I can create some of those memories in my children. Last year's garden didn't go so great and this year, I just haven't had the time (I wonder why?).
One of my favorite things growing up was Strawberry Rhubarb pie. I probably haven't had it in years and Jon had NEVER had it, so I thought it was time to try, especially since strawberries are HUGE right now. I had my recipe picked out, but hadn't looked at it in awhile, sent Jon to the store to get Rhubarb. He picked up 3 stalks. . . which wasn't enough for the whole pie. (I can't blame him. . . I wasn't sure how much I needed or how big his stalks were going to be). So, I went a different route:
Don't they look yummy? They were. Jon was impressed (he had never had rhubarb before). I modified this recipe, cutting the recipe into a third of what it was supposed to be, which was still a lot of filling. I used 2 sheets of Pilbury refrigerated pie crust and my newest Pampered Chef toy, the Cut and Seal (Thanks Karissa!). I used an egg wash to seal the two sheets of dough before I cut it out with my new toy, then gave it an egg wash over the top and sprinkled my cinnamon sprinkle (also Pampered Chef) over the top of it. It ended up being the perfect dessert for 2 nights for Jon and I. I will definitely make these again!

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