Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of Fall {bucket list}

Did you know that today is the first day of Fall? I wanted to try to balance an egg. . . it didn't work.  I may have waited too long. . . the people of Noodles and Co. tried it and said it worked.  Maybe it only works in Colorado.  Maybe it only works at 2am when people should be sleeping.  I don't know.  Did you try it?  Just curious.

(picture from here. . . it's actually a free printable. . check it out!)

Anyways, today is the first day of Fall.  We celebrated with spaghetti at the Spaghetti Factory.  I actually don't think that had any thing to do with it, but it sounded good.  After dinner the car told us that it was 100 degrees out side. . . at 6:30.  No. It is not fall.  The majority of the leaves are still green.  I can't wear a sweatshirt to my son's soccer game in the morning.  And I certainly am not going to be spending $5 on a delicious pumpkin spice latte to only cause me to sweat at 10am.  Yep.  I may just be sick of summer.  Oh well.  We can still play outside, swim, and enjoy the weather until it ends. . . soon. . . I'm hoping.

But not only that, today is the FIRST day that I am only committed to 2 things.  Number 1:  My family.  Number 2: MOPS as in coordinator.  Not bad.  I am ready for today.  My husband actually put my on a sewing/craft hiatus for 1 year.  Yes, it still means I can get my craft on, but only for me (or my family).  I had been so busy working on gifts for other people that my own children don't have quilts made by their mother.  I have projects started for them that I intend to finish (and show you of course!).  I am super excited.  I am learning to say no. And I am learning to delegate.  So excited!

I finished up the last commitment last night. . . it was awesome. . . and slightly nerve racking.  I had an amazing opportunity to speak at our MOPS group about literacy (something I have a huge passion for) at home with preschoolers.  And by preschoolers I mean, any kid not in school . . . birth to 6 (or so).  Most of the stuff I spoke about applies to school-age kids, too.  I hope I didn't intimidate my fellow mom friends by all the stuff I do with Ethan.  I love what I do and he loves it so much he asks for it (I'm not complaining!).  I am going to try very hard to post more things for my toddler time section, because I think that doing creative activities centered around literacy is so very important for the growth and development of language, reading, and writing.  If you want to see my power point presentation send me a message and I will email it to you.  It's not very long at all.

taken from here.

Here's my fall bucket list:
:: Go to pumpkin patch
:: Make as many things pumpkin as possible.
:: Savor my Bible Study, Saying Yes to God, by Lysa Terkeherst.
:: Continue my quest of thankfulness
:: Take in some zoo tot time with the boys
:: Continue my quest for home organization.
:: Make my own laundry soap (yep. . . I'm gonna try it out!)

Not too long.  See you next week.  Relax and enjoy your first fall weekend!

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