Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013. . . random thoughts to start the year

Welcome to 2013. . . it's a new year.  One that I am looking forward to with anticipation.  (I think, though, that I may feel this way every year. . . I don't know?).  This year will be a year that includes some changes, some trusting, and some new goals.

Last week, my husband and I each made a list of our goals and things outside of our budget that we wanted to do. . . then we shared our lists. . . we now have one big list, and I know for a fact that not everything will get accomplished.  But, we can dream right?

I hate resolutions, because they are usually not doable and most often are forgotten about within the first few months.  I do, however, enjoy the sales that come with people trying to lose weight. . . Special K is always on sale in January and that makes me very happy!  Plus, they came out with one this year that is chocolate and strawberries. . . it's a limited edition. . . maybe I should stock up?

Here are some of my goals for the year:
Slow Down (yep. .  . this is going to be a hard one for me)
3 quilts.  One of which, you will see a block each month.  (I should probably start getting to work)
More card making. . . I miss it.
Albums need to be caught up. . . seriously, I am so behind.
Try new recipes (and I am already on a roll with that).
Garden. . . i am super excited about this one. . . I will have to share my journey with you.

This year, I chose a word that is my ultimate goal.  To SHINE.  Yes, I want to shine for Jesus and I want that to be clear in everything I do.   I want to shine to my boys and to other moms.  I want to not be so busy that I miss out on meeting a need or passing out some kindness.  I am super excited about this one!

Okay, so I have some work for you. . . I want you all to comment (please) and tell me about your plans for the new year. . . ready . . . set. . . go!

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