Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Blog!

Okay, my fellow readers. . . I sit here in the peace and quiet of my office as it is late and half of my family is sleeping (the kiddos, of course!).  I decided to check out the day that I started this blog. . . I knew it was after Christmas sometime during Ethan's first year of life. Apparently, I started blogging on January 23rd, 2009. . . Over 4 years ago.  I missed my blog birthday. . .  oops!

I started this blog as an outlet to share my creative side and get back into the occasional writing spurt, and maybe connect with the outside world sometime.  I am enjoying being able to share with you my creations, my thoughts, and sometimes, my dreams.  I have shared so many goals with you and many of those goals never came to be, but you are still here. . . reading. . . I appreciate it!  
So, I am taking this grand opportunity of peace and quiet to share an awesome give-away. . . for you, in honor of my blogging adventure.  First of all, if you are following me regularly, THANK You!  I love that you read my blog and are sharing in my journey of creative-ness in the chaos of motherhood.  If you read my blog and don't follow me. . . thank you for reading my words and taking the time to check my blog, you are also appreciated!  And thanks to all those who have pinned or stumbled upon me by accident. . . I hope you have had a good visit and come back soon. 

So, in honor of the 4th birthday of Out Of The Right Brain, help me get to 100 Followers by the end of February.  At the end of February, I will give away a handmade coffee cozy. . . just for you!  

Feel free to share my blog as much as possible.  

Enjoy the rest of your week!  

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