Sunday, May 19, 2013

Operation: Slow Down

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Things are slowing down here.  When I say slow down, I mean it.  I said goodbye to MOPS a few weeks ago. . . that was bittersweet, but a huge weight off my shoulders.  I helped with a bridal shower for a friend this past weekend.  My husband is overjoyed.  I don't blame him.  He told me I shouldn't do anything craftsy for a month . . . it may be that way.  My brain needs a break (don't worry, there are lots of things blog about!).

I made a commitment to not commit to anything for the next year.  It's going to be awesome!

I hope.

I have been going nonstop for at least 4 years working on something.

It's going to be weird.

I want to be able to listen and hear God for the next step along the way.

I want to enjoy Ethan's first year of school (is it that time already?)

I want to meet my neighbors.

I want to make a quilt.  or two.  or three.

I want to start a modern quilting bee. . . . be on the lookout for signups this fall (for 2014).

I want to blog more. . . a lot more.

Speaking of that, I have been using the app/website Bloglovin' for my blog reading lately (my google reading friends. . . you have one month).  I highly recommend it.  Come follow me. You can even click over there on the right side of my blog.  How easy is that.  I am hoping they come out with an ipad app soon, but the iphone app is great and so is the website.  They also send me an email every night recapping my subscriptions.  It's very simple and pretty all at the same time.  Check it out to find out what I mean.

Be back later with something yummy. . . until then I am going to bed. . . before midnight.  The kids have forgotten how to sleep in. . .. or did they every really know how to?

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