Thursday, May 30, 2013

MOPS Appreciation Dessert {Blue, Yellow, and Green}

I love throwing parties.  I love that my creative side gets to come out and {hopefully} be a blessing to others.  This particular annual soiree has been very dear to my heart, because I have gotten the opportunity to bless the moms who serve in some capacity with our MOPS group.  
There are moms that have walked the trenches of motherhood already, some now, even enjoying their grandchildren.  Their wisdom that comes from their experiences and love is priceless.  Their encouraging (and often challenging) words are like no other.  
There are moms who are tackling pregnancy, toddlers, and even some school-aged kiddos.  They not only are tackling their already busy lives with their families, but they are serving their fellow moms.  They bring encouragement each week, and often during the week to their fellow tables.  Leading them in discussion, planning playdates or girls night out events so that their tables can be the encouragement it was meant to be.  
I loved everything about this event. . . for the past 3 years.  Remember this and this?  This was my last year as coordinator, making this event bittersweet.  I love hunting down the paper and searching Pinterest for ideas.  It's a great resource!  When I taught, we often used the term, "beg, borrow, and steal."  So, I took a bunch of different ideas and ta-da. . . . a dessert bar in blue, yellow, and green!
I love Sunflowers.  I used to decorate my room in sunflowers.  I may have even sewn myself a vest with sunflower fabric (shhh. . . don't tell anyone. . . it was those awkward middle school years).  I found these at Trader Joe's and put them in a Longerberger canning jar that was leftover from my wedding (love them!).  
I also raided Winco for some blue and yellow colored candy to accent the rest of the treats.  The table cloth and paper goods were MaraMia for Target.  

Sidenote:  These table cloths are awesome.  They a little bit pricier than the plastic ones, but they are made of a really good quality paper (almost like a paper towel).  They have great color, but actually look like a table cloth and not like someone cut up a colored trash bag and put in the table.  These are always my first choice in table cloths.  
For food I went with various different mini tarts, some macarons (Trader Joe's), and some puff pastry cookies.  The tarts turned out so yummy, but soooo delicious.  I can't wait to share them with you. It also ended up being the easiest dessert ever!!!  The tarts went together so quick and easy, that I would highly recommend using them for any dessert event.  They are small enough that guests can easily pick several choices, and not feel like a glutton.  They are kind of like appetizers for dessert.
To drink I did a lemonade bar. . . so yummy! (I may even make myself a strawberry lemonade for dinner. . . hmmmmm).

I also had some Italian Sodas left over from our MOPS spa night the week before, so I just put that stuff out.  I did it last year also. I don't think people are getting board of this. . . they keep asking for it!

The evening overall was super laid back.  We sat around and ate and talked.  No stressed.  It was their night not to have to do anything.  They seemed to be smiling when they left. . . and that's all that matters!

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