Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sew. . . I have done something besides bake.

I really have been doing something other than filling my house with baked goods. Here is something that I can share with you and give me MOPS buddies a sneak peak (Shhh!).
My diaper pouch has been such a hit in the realm of church-life that we decided to make some for a future Mops event (coming soon!). Last week, I sewed seven of the little guys up very quickly. . . they don't take long.
Our church has so many babies in the nursery, that there have been too many diaper bags to store. These pouches have been so nice to just stick in a basket and clip Ethan's name on it. I usually just make sure it has at least 2 diapers and his Binky in it. The pouch is very roomy, so if I need to pack a Ziploc of some snacks and some wipes, I can do that too.

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