Wednesday, June 05, 2013

being honest {motherhood}

I love this blog because it's a place where not only can I be creative, but I can also share my honest thoughts.    I am so far from being perfect.  I always feared that at MOPS coordinator people thought I had it all together . . . most of the time, I probably don't.  Sometimes I yell.  Sometimes we watch a lot of t.v. (today is one of those days). Sometimes we don't get out of our pajamas.  And sometimes we eat chicken nuggets and corn dogs for dinner.   I am really curious what mom really has it all together.  Admit it, sometimes our beautiful children suck the life out of us with their energy.  In fact, today, I think that my sick son secretly stole all of mine, because he has been running around giggling, jumping, and having fun.  
This morning was hard.  I blame it on lack of sleep.  The little one is sick again (I may have mentioned that yesterday).  We thought he was getting better, but by golly, this bug is a fighter.  It just won't leave.  So, at  3 am this morning we were awakened to our little guy throwing up all over our bedroom floor.  Thankfully he stopped and didn't make it to our bed. . . that would have been bad.  So instead of going back to bed, I watched Tangled until the little one fell asleep at 7 this morning.  By then, my husband was leaving for work and the oldest was about to pop out of bed.  Needless to say we have been watching TV, playing on the iPad, and resting. . . I may have fallen asleep for a minute while cuddling with both my boys.  It is days like today that I wish my favorite coffee shop had a drive thru.
But, today in the midst of exhaustion, a sick kid, and a kid wanting "help" with everything I am reminded of promises.

Loving promises.

Joyful promises.

Hopeful promises.  

and even better. Restful promises.
I am thankful that I am not doing this mom thing alone.  Not only do I have amazing husband and great friends, but I have a God, who loves me enough to pay attention to the innermost details of my heart.  Who holds me when I am so tired that I cry over everything.  I honestly don't think that I would be able to get through some days without that love that even my husband can't provide.

I am thankful for my husband who lets me steal moments away.  Where I can just enjoy some peace and quiet.  Even going to the bathroom in peace.  Time alone is precious.  It brings me back to focus feeling so refreshed.

I am thankful for my friends who bring laughter and joy.  The ones who will go shopping late at night with you so can go kid free.  The ones who send you late night text messages that make you cry you are laughing so hard.

Today, I am especially thankful for my espresso machine. . . so I don't have to drag my sick kid out of the house just to get some caffeine (it's the little things!).
So, when the days get hard (like today), I am going to focus on the promises and take time and count my thanks, make a latte, and enjoy moments like the one above.  

Do you have hard days?  (don't lie) How do you get through them?

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