Wednesday, June 26, 2013

lazy day meanderings. . .

I have had an incredible case of laziness. . . errr. . . lack of motivation.  I should probably do something productive, like clean my house (maybe?) or even do something crafty?  Today, I forced myself to mop the floors.  The kids love it, because they get to eat lunch in the living room and watch a movie.  To them, I am the  Little do they know, I hate mopping the floor and would rather join them. Unfortunately, I hate the dirty, cheerio filled floor even more.  I feel like I conquered.  

We were out of town and out of service this weekend.  It rocked!  We went on adventures in Gold Country.   We managed not to get lost each time we left the cabin.  We drooled over the golf course.  We watched our friends get married and our son be their ring bearer.  We saw really big trees, in the sprinkling rain.  We came home to an overcast 24 hour period. . . in June.  Best.coming.home.ever!

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary by eating at the Rio Grill, a Brazillian Steakhouse.  I am not going to lie. . . I love meat.  Seriously, this was the best place for meat.  A guy came around ever few minutes cutting meat off a skewer.  It was so amazing.  Plus, add a salad in the mix and it was the perfect low carb dinner. 

I think someone has been sneaking into my house and stealing my measuring spoons and cups.  They seriously have been disappearing and breaking. So, I took my free Kohl's money that occasionally shows up in my mailbox and bought a set of colorful ones.  And then found some bright yellow measuring spoons at Marshall's for 2.99.  So, for less than 10 dollars out of pocket, I now have measuring devices.  I can now bake again!  (not that it stopped me before, it was just frustrating!).

Up until a month ago, I was making a lot of cards for different celebratory events.  The below card is from Mother's Day.
This card used some scraps out of my scrap box (which needs to be gone through again . . .eek!).  I may be a bit obsessed with chevron and this one definitely uses it.  The kraft paper in the backgrounds was some JOAnn's cardstock pressed with my Stampin' Up folder for my Big Shot.  The stamp set used was Heart's A Flutter and then dicut using the matching framelits.  The heart was raised using dimensional and tied with baker's twine.  The the green brad is a fabric covered one that I got on SU's clearance rack last year and had yet to use.

It was super fun to put together!

Now, I want to hear from you.  Getting comments last week was so much fun!  I absolutely love hearing from you!

Are you working on anything this summer?  Or how do you rekindle your motivation to craft (or clean?)

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  1. rekindle the motivation to clean. . . . really loud music! the kids get into it too and help! for craftyness i just have to be in the right mood or pressure to complete something.


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