Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Favorites

Last night I went to bed filling incredibly giddy inside.  This morning I woke up jumping for joy.  Not because anything super special was happening.  Solely because it is Friday.  It might have had something to do with some me time this morning.  But, I think the biggest part of my excitement is that it's the weekend and I get my husband home for 2 whole days (bummer that this is an  odd week, but happy that the upcoming week is a 4 day week).

So with that, I will leave you with some of my favorite things from this past week, so you can get to your weekend of fun! 

1.  This one of my most favorite books series that was able to download the first for free, now it's only about 5 dollars, which is still a good deal.  It feels so good to just read and not feel like I should be doing something else, which is good, because I have a rather large stack of books to read.

2.  Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle dishwashing soap.  I love anything by Mrs. Meyers and have been using these for years.  But, I absolutely LOVE honeysuckle.  It's a little pricey, but I enjoy the smell and confidence that I am cleaning with natural based cleaners that actually work.  

3.  I love the idea of boxes coming in the mail with treats.  I am constantly taunted by those expensive kids craft and literacy boxes as well as snack boxes.  But they are always too expensive.  Stampin' Up (my most favorite addiction) has come out with one that's not horribly priced.  I've almost gotten my husband talked into it. . . it would be like my birthday once a month!  It comes with one or two stamps and pretty much everything you would need for a project.  I really hope I get to subscribe!
4.  I was so sad when I could no longer find one of my favorite magazines on the newstand.  I had not yet renewed my subscription and then it completely disappeared.  Apparently, Martha Stewart started to just throw it in with here Martha Stewart Living subscriptions.  Since, I don't subscribe to that one, I was soooo sad.  At least I was, until I looked to see if you could subscribe to the digital magazine.  And thanks to the App store, I found it for the IPad.  And the best part. . . FREE!  Seriously, the best part of my day!  

5.  Favorite Instagram of the week:
I've been enjoying my ice teas at Starbucks. . . especially since it is in the triple digits!  Today, I was able to find a quiet table at one of our local spots so spend some time in Joshua.  This is study I got for Mother's Day several years ago, and since I am usually doing a Beth Moore or similar study during the school year, I save this for the summer.  It is so refreshing!  As you can see, It was made into art by my first born.  ha ha.  I love getting away for some uninterrupted time.  In fact, today, I was reading about how the Isrealites were silent while walking around.  That had to be so hard.  Then I was challenged to find that quiet and listen to God.  That's hard. . . there isn't much quiet in my house.  So, it's these kinds of moments that I cherish!  

I hope you have wonderful plans for this weekend.   Enjoy and be blessed! 

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