Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tis' the season for bridal shower gifts!

I had every intention of blogging last week.  It just never happened.  We were busy enjoying summer spontaneously.  It felt good!  It was energizing.  NOTHING got accomplished. . . unless you count creating memorable moments with your children.  In that case, I accomplished a lot.  
We have some friends that are getting married this week.  Ethan is in the wedding. . . he's going to be so cute!  So, I thought I would post what I made her for her bridal shower gift (which was a month ago!) in honor of their big day.  I even heard rumors, that her fiance thought that this was pretty cool.  Score. . . if you get the guys approval on a handmade gift!
I was super inspired by a gift that was given to me pre-marriage days.  I was blessed with an amazing secret sister who sewed me up an awesome casserole carrier.  I love using it because I don't have to just use a rectangular 11x13 pan because these handmade ones offer a bit more flexibility.  I had taken mine awhile back to our MOPS group and I got lots of . . . . "that is the coolest thing ever!" comments and I knew I wanted to make some for some gifts.
I was so happy I found this tutorial via Pinterest that didn't require buying a pattern.  I wanted to keep the cost fairly low, since these have the potential to be quite pricey.  I used my 40 percent off coupons and saved a lot that way (that made my husband happy since he gets nervous each time I mention that I would like to go to JoAnns).  I also really liked the adaptations that this blogger did based on the first one.   Both casserole carriers tutorials used velcro on the inside first fold over.  I wanted to add ribbon to allow for adjustments on the tie.  Sometimes, you may put your oval corning ware in. . . you never know.  Plus, I think it adds an big of an accent to it.
Ta-Da!  The finished project!  By the way. . . A big shout out for my best friend for taking the pictures with her fancy camera and emailing them to me. . . twice!

I made another one a few weeks ago, and forgot to take pictures.  That bride is on her honeymoon right now, but maybe when things settle down for her and she starts reading blogs, she might be able to send me some pictures or post them to Facebook for us to see.  I used a different print for the second one.  It came out super cute, too!

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  1. you are very welcome on the pictures twice :-)


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