Thursday, June 06, 2013

More tartlets

We are going stir crazy over here.  We have been home everyday all week.  Yep.  Possibly on the verge of craziness.  Thankfully, I have tomorrow to look forward to.  My MIL is going to come over and get her fill of the boys so I can get a break.  I LOVE that she does this, because although I LOVE my job, I definitely need a break every now and then.  (So, Carolyn, if you are reading this. . . you are appreciated and your grandchildren are super excited to see you!). 

Now, back to the land of tarts. . . are you sick of them yet? 

These were amazing!  Even better, they were super easy.  The only thing you have to bake is the shell, which you buy at the store, pop in the oven and bang, they are done!  You can find the recipe here (because I am lazy and want to go soak in some reading time).
These were also super easy.  Puff Pastry rolled out and cut into circles, brushed with egg wash and then baked.  For the topping, it was a cream cheese, lemon curd filling and then topped with a strawberry.  I am so sad that I can't find the recipe anywhere!  I hate it when I think I pin something and it isn't there and then I can't find it by searching Google or Pinterest.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. . . I plan on being back tomorrow with some fun favorites of mine right now!

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