Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Meanderings. . .

It's Monday!  Welcome to the week!  Where I am looking, it's beautiful!  I won't lie, the fact that is is 77 degrees, sunny, and my windows are open makes it a great day!  I am looking forward to the possibility to rain. . . because that would be just awesome!  We may have played in the dirt today.

I'm trying super hard to get back into the groove today.  The kiddos spent the weekend with the grandparents doing all the things we tell not to do and having a blast.  The hubby and I went on our own little (dare I say, quiet?) adventure to IKEA and then to Davis to enjoy some Crepes.  Seriously, 2 hours is probably enough to walk around the Davis downtown, but I would need a few days to eat at all the amazing looking/smelling eateries that were there.

New furniture has been built and our operation kitchen redo is well on it's way.  I won't lie. . . I can't wait to get rid of the ugly linoleum that currently resides on our kitchen floor.  But, that is a few months away and I must focus.  Focus on the can of Annie Sloan chalk paint that waits for me to start painting the cabinets.  Focus on accessorizing.

However, new furniture brought on rearranging a few things (our old buffet allowed me to hide things. . . this one leaves it all out for all to see).  So, I need to start organizing the storage side of our pantry, get rid of some things, and make room for it all. It's a project that has been on my mental list, it just hasn't happened yet.

There isn't going to be a ton of baking this week, because it is the end of the month and I am out of food money.  I think I have enough sugar to make this banana bread with the bananas that are just about ready to bite the dust.  I have dough rising to make some bagels for lunches because we are out of lunch meat, most veggies, and crackers, but we have cream cheese.  It's all about creativity, this week!  But, don't worry, we won't starve. . . I get to refill our food supply on Wednesday. . . 2 more days!

My garden started sprouting this week!  I am so excited!  Last year, I struggled with things growing.  This year, we are trying it a different way and have installed sprinklers in each box.  I have high hopes.

I still have lemons on the tree and I made some simple syrup last week.  I think I will make some lemonade for dinner (see, I promise, we aren't starving!).  I also really want to make this. I want to make it really bad.  It's been on my list at least 3 weeks!

I started playing with vinyl with my cricut and I am sooo excited to do the rest.  I had to run and get a new blade, because after 3 years of cutting, it was getting a tad dull.

Nap time for the littlest little is coming to an end, so I am going to go and find my kitchen in order to make that banana bread and dinner (I'm hungry!).

And, lastly please help me grow my blog by sharing my FB page.  I am hoping to increase my readership by 50 over the next few months.  If I can get up to 100 FB likes, I am going to give a giveaway!  Thanks so much!!!

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