Thursday, February 06, 2014

If you give a dog a donut {3rd Birthday celebration}

Last weekend, my little boy turned 3.  Yep, that cute little blonde haired bundle of joy is turning into quite the boy!  He kicks and throws with precision (I think he's going to be an athlete) and loves hitting the ball with his head.  He's super silly with his eyebrow raising silliness and seriously I can't believe that he's 3.  
We had to have a party.  I mean, it had to be done.  

So, I picked one of our favorite books (you know I am a sucker for a good children's book!) and started planning.  This one was a bit tricky  because I think one other blogger has ever posted on this party theme and apparently only girls have donut parties (anyone else notice this?).  But, was super fun and came together beautifully. . . if I don't say so myself.  

If You Give a Dog a Donut, by Laura Numeroff follows a similar pattern to that of her beloved, If you give a Mouse a Cookie books.  I loved the donut idea.  I loved the morning birthday party idea (seriously, best. idea. ever!), and I loved the baby blue and red color scheme.  {which by the way, is not to be confused with red and turquoise which is super popular to find everywhere!}
 He had to have a birthday shirt, right?  I decided to try something new this year and found this free printable with a great tutorial on how to use freezer paper to paint on shirts.  It's something I have had on my craft bucket list, but never had tried.  I was super excited to see how easy it is.  And freezer paper. . . awesome!
 Then, the traditional countdown must begin.  I apparently didn't get a good picture of the printed version when it was hanging up on the bedroom door, so here's a picture of it on the computer.  We added a red paper chain to it and took one off each day prior to his birthday.  Super exciting!
 Then it came down tot he party.  I am super excited about how it all came together. . . probably because I really didn't think it was going to look all that great, because I was having a hard time finding baby blue stuff. . . but I am in love!  Not to mention it was super simple!
 The banner is a new kit by Stampin' Up that I bought and put together.  It saved me so much time, that it was worth it.  Plus, I loved the kraft paper as an accent color to the red and baby blue.  The circle bunting is made out of felt circles and sewn together (it cost less than a dollar to make!).
 I used the book as part of the table decor.  And found these cute chevron ice cream bowls and popcorn boxes at our local Bargain Party (they have some super cute stuff there!).  I used them to hold doughnut holes and Hostess chocolate and powdered sugar donuts.
 I made a little stack of donuts for the cake and topped it with coordinating bunting and some cool candles.
 Donut pops. . . these were so easy!  I bought a box on Entemenn's donut holes and a package of sticks.  Made some more donut icing (super easy!).  Dipped the stick with icing and then put the donut on and dipped it into the icing.  After that, I sprinkled it with sprinkles.  Super easy!
 These were probably the coolest things ever!  Strawberry-Donut Hole skewers.  They were delicious. . . and they went fast!
 A donut party can never have too many donuts!  I topped these with some flags that I made with paper.
 I made a table runner out of craft paper and stamped some of the words of the book along the edges.  and then made a crepe paper banner to run along the table.  I love the way it came out!
 I did some digital art to go for the party.
 We served juice and milk in these small mason jars with daisy lids.  I had paper straws and Got Milk? straws, too.
 For favors, we gave out doughnut seeds (aka frosted cheerios).  Super fun and very inexpensive!

In the back room on the fireplace, I made this bunting and had it printed, and then did some chalkboard art.

Now, to sit back, relax, and maybe read a book. . . or work on my quilt.

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