Monday, June 02, 2014

Meanderings. . .

I honestly can't believe that it is June and the school year is already almost over (we have 8 more days!).  I am trying to stay focused on projects. . . there's a bunch going on with June here, but I am having a super hard time focusing. . . I think it's the heat (can I blame it on the heat?)

So, while my 5 year old quickly empties the dishwasher (read: s-l-o-w-l-y while counting to ten in Spanish), I am going to get this blog post done.  Determined. . . am I!

I just finished my first study with #shereadstruth.  Going through Nehemiah the past few weeks has been really neat.  I am super excited to start Titus tomorrow (a day late, but that's okay!).  If you are looking for a really good, deep study that doesn't take up a tone of time (like, say, a Beth Moore Study), I highly recommend this one.

I really need to get to work on my kitchen counters.  My husband is starting the tile project in less than 2 weeks. . . oiy!  There's a lot of cabinets!  My goal is to get the bottom ones done in that time.  It can be done.  Must focus.

I am creating and prepping all art projects for this summer's literacy activities.  I find if we have them all prepped ahead of time, we are more likely to do them.  We are also going to be spending time in our splash pool, playing with kinetic sand, and a few other things.  It's going to be fun and we are going to be busy!

My husband suggested driving the the beach after we had breakfast with my family on Saturday.  Super fun SPONTANEOUS trip!  Ahh, I miss the spontaneity of my youth sometimes!  But, I love this new phase of life we are entering in (AKA: my kids are no longer babies!).  I bought some fabric at my favorite fabric store and got to eat some of my favorite cookies!

Our neighbor wants to redo the fence between our yards in the next few weeks and I am so excited for my other new project. . . a chalkboard for the backyard!  Chalkboard paint here we come!!!!

I am almost finished sewing squares for my lap quilt.  It's is going to be so cute!  I really can't wait to start cutting the fabric for both kiddos quilts.

I am loving my infused water still!  Right now, I have strawberries floating around in my Starbucks tumbler!

But, now I need to go get milk so I can make dinner.  Happy Monday!

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