Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Connection Time!

Well, it's safe to say that we are starting to countdown to summer!  We are incredibly ready for lazy mornings and adventure!  Today, my oldest actually got up and got ready without dragging.  I think it had something to do with his field trip to a local gymnastics place, because I know if given the opportunity he would stay in his pajamas and watch a good show curled up on the couch with his favorite blanket.  He is is mamma's child.  Mornings are hard. 

But, we are pressing in and enjoying a beautiful spring.  It might even rain today. . . I emphasize might, because it is slightly breezy out and crystal blue sky out there. (UPDATE: I took a break and went and picked up Ethan from school. . . it went from sunny to stormy with a snap of the finger!  Bring on the Hail!)  Baseball is in full swing and I am having fun watching Ethan try something new.  He's having fun!  We're having fun!

Today, I just want to catch up and get connected with everyone.  I started this last month and I would love to hear what you guys are seeing, doing, thinking.  Join in the fun on Facebook or in the comments. 

 Here's what's happening in my word. . . 
Outside my window...The sky is getting super dark and the wind is blowing.  I am pretty sure that I will have to re-sweep the patio after all the bottle brush needles fall to the ground.  I am love a good storm!

I am thinking...That there is a good chance that I should finish making my list for this week.  I know I am going to forget something! Oh, and next week is teacher appreciation week. . . please spoil your teachers. . . they need love!

From the kitchen... This week, my kids have devoured there way through a batch of pumpkin muffins.  Right now, there is carne asada marinating, and beans in the crockpot, and some bananas screaming to be made into banana bread.  I also made a very large batch of cold brew for an upcoming gathering of ladies. 

I am pants and a sweatshirt.  I got up and got 2 miles in this morning, and have been working like a crazy person trying to get cleaning and school in. 

I am creating...Right now there are some top secret things happening in the craft room.  I am also working on Teacher Appreciation stuff for Ethan's school for next week.  It's safe to say, that the craft room is crazy right now!

I am going... sit here and enjoy the quiet, while I sip the latte I just made.  I've got tired kids and I just waiting for a meltdown to happen (and praying that it doesn't!). 

I am reading... I just started a book by Dee Henderson, called Full Disclosure.  It's one of those books that's just been sitting there waiting for me to pick it up.  It might get put down for a bit, because when it comes to fiction, once I start, I have a hard time stopping.  Anybody else have that problem?

I am hoping...that it rains.  Maybe even a power outage. . . that would be awesome. 

I am hearing... the clink clink of legos and the wind blowing.  I can't hear my washing maching going, so I should probably get up and go switch it over. 

Around the house... A few piles, evidence of Weston learning about flowers, fresh flowers that I bought yesterday, and clothes that need put away (why is this so hard?!?!). 

One of my favorite things...My husband's gas grill.  I won't lie.  We are charcoal people, but I am loving the gas grill.  I use it way more than my husband and seriously, it's one less pan or dish that I have to clean.  I think that's why I use it.  Plus, the meat comes out so moist and juicy this way!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Breathe.  It's going to be busy, but I am going to breathe and get what I can get done done.  Wow.  Weird sentence.  Sorry about that. 

What I'm listening to:  I'm not listening to much this week.  But, I have watched all of season 2 of Girl Meets World. 

So, now your turn:

Copy and paste your favorite, or all of them and try it out in the comments:
Outside my window
I am thinking
From the kitchen
I am wearing
I am creating
I am going
I am reading
I am hoping
I am hearing
Around the House
One of my favorite things
A few plans for the week
What I am listening to 

Happy Connecting! 

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