Friday, July 15, 2016

Favorites Friday: 3 Things I'm loving

I am seriously loving vacation.  Well, parts of it anyways.  This was the first week that the only thing we had planned was swim lessons.  That left time for art projects, reading, and swimming and bbqing with friends.  Apart from that we haven't left the house except for library runs and a quick Target run.  I am kind of savoring the moments with my kids at home because next month school starts and both of them will be there.  Weird.  Crazy.   I will write more on that another time.

Since, we've been back from vacation, I've been catching up on the Jamie Ivey podcast and one of the things she asks all of her guests is what's 3 things they are loving right now.  So, I thought, since I have yet to upload pictures from vacation and my house needs cleaned, what better post that to kind of borrow her question.

So, here's three things I am loving lately:

1.  Sparkling Water. 
So, seriously I am obsessed.  My husband thinks I have a drinking problem.  I've been drinking the Izze sparkling waters, but costco doesn't have them right now (almost had a moment!) and so, I have been forced to find alternative.  I tried the Dry brand, and wasn't that impressed because they added sugar.  I just want the plain ol' water, a little fruit, and some fizz.  Right now, my favorite is this Perrier pink grapefruit!  

2.  Bake from Scratch Magazine.
Okay, so we all know how much I enjoy baking, but this magazine has the most brilliant photographs and amazing recipes.  It's also 12.99 an issue with is kind of hard.  I mean that's almost 2 starbucks lattes right there.  But, thankfully Costco has been carrying it lately and so I've been able to pick up a couple of issues.  I make myself bake from it because, I mean do I have to say it. . . it's expensive!  I've already made three recipes from this season's issue (thank goodness it's by quarter and not by month!).  And all of them have been amazing and have made me get out of my comfort zone and try new things.  I think I like it because it challenges me.  Oh and it's yummy and the pictures are amazing! 

3.  Popsicles. 

I started buying Popsicle molds when Ethan was one.  And this year, I just can't seem to stop!  They are just so much fun and it makes for a fun treat!  It's even more fun for this mommy to watch them beg for a popsicle in the middle of the day and watching them gobble them down.  They are usually all fruit and hardly any sweetener, which is completely awesome.  I love the Tovolo and Zoku pop molds!  They are the great, and come out so nicely.  

And that's the end of my favorite things. . . right now.  Now, I am going to go play with some stamps or read a book while the boys finish up their quiet time.  I hope you are enjoying your summer! 

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