Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Steph!

Well, this post is wishing my dear friend, Steph, a very happy birthday. Her birthday was last Friday, and we spent Saturday celebrating it with her in Yosemite and then had a busy day on Sunday with VBS registration and our small group Bible Study (aka the best small group ever!. . . I may be biased!). I have been so excited to share this with you . . . and now I can.

Steph and I live really close to one of many Savemart locations in Fresno. It just so much easier to walk there with the kiddos in their strollers than packing up our lovely toddlers (they are two weeks apart. . . someday (God willing) they are going to get married). into the cars, driving 2 minutes, unpacking them, shopping, packing them back into the car, driving home and unpacking them. Plus, it's good exercise. Anyway, Steph always has her groceries written down on a nice journal-like notebook and I thought she might enjoy a portfolio-like notebook.
This is the view from the inside. . . there is a little triangle pocket to fit business cards or that most important Starbucks card. There is also a separate pocket in the middle for a pen or pencil, and a pocket for holding recipes, mail, or coupons.
This is my favorite way to hold the notebook. Just sticking the back into the pocket and allowing the pages to hang out. This way, you can see your entire list, whether it's a "to-do" list or a grocery list. I also cut out and glued a piece of Amy Butler cardstock to the back of the notebook to make it look nicer.
The portfolio closes with a button.


  1. Yeah you got to post it!!!!! I love it so much, you know me so well! THANK YOU!!!!!


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