Sunday, June 06, 2010

party favors

My mom had a bunch of white boxes that she had di-cut laying around, so she gave me some of them. I had so much fun using them for my friend Michelle's baby shower last weekend. I stamped on them, added an embellishment, and filled them with candy. I only had to make 6 of them, so I felt like I could go add a lot of detail. Fortunately, even with the extra details I added, it didn't take long!

:: I stamped a heart shape with the word "baby" around the sides in brown and blue (ink and stamp were both Stampin' Up).

:: On the top, I stamped a blue circle in an eye friendly pattern. I also added a brown smudge around the edges of the top. NOTE: To smudge the edges, take a sponge piece (I get the orange craft sponges and cut them into wedges). Then, I dab it into my ink pad and "flick" it on the edge of my paper starting from above and working down.

:: Then I punched out a brown circle and a blue scalloped circle for each one. On the brown circle I stamped the word "baby" (also a Stampin' Up stamp) with my Top Boss tinted ink pad and embossed it with white embossing powder (also Stampin' Up). I taped the two together and punched a hole using my rectangle punch and tied it to the top of the box with a piece of blue ribbon.
:: I filled them with candy and placed them at each guests' place at the shower. I was so excited to find Hershey's Miniatures. . . that use dark chocolate!!!! Don't worry, I did throw in some milk chocolate treats, too!

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