Friday, July 15, 2011


I don't know what happened. Suddenly things got VERY busy and then things slowed down. I don't have a picture of anything to show you right now, my husband his diligently working his second job right now and I am sewing (well, I am done for the night and now blogging). All week, I have looked at the computer just longing to sit down and write some words down. . . now is the chance. So here is what is going on in my semi-crazy head right now:

: staying up til midnight last night cleaning the office was nice. . . paying the consequences today. . . so tired and it's only 10:30!
: But, the office is clean. . . oh so clean! Let's see how long it stays that way! (I did manage to lose a stamp set in the process, so in the words of the toddler: "stamps, where are you. . . stamps where are you?).
: I am really enjoying the book 1000 Gifts, by Ann Voskamp (sp?). . . I think that I will write a whole post about that soon.
: Ethan and I are working our way through the alphabet and having so much fun doing it! I can't wait to post some new Toddler Time activities to go with our Letter of the Week. . . I am not using any sort of curriculum right now. . . completely coming up with my own. . . must get organized, but loving that I am using my degree for something.
: Have recently discovered craftgawker and have done substantial gawking. Must find time to finish already started projects so I can start new ones.
: Getting the MOPS year ready . . . sometimes it's a bit frustrating. . . you can pray for me if you want.

Okay, those are some thoughts that are bouncing off the walls in my head. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe. . . or craft. . . depends on what I do. Enjoy your night and Welcome to your weekend!

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