Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A new banana bread recipe

These warm days and bananas just don't mix.  Ethan has been asking for banana bread for a few weeks and we had the perfect amount of bananas just crying out to be used for some banana bread.  Unfortunately, I was completely out of sour cream so I had to look elsewhere for inspiration.  Have I mentioned how much I have enjoyed using Pinterest?  I am finding so many fun ideas and recipes that it will probably take me years do them all.  But, it was a great place to look for a new recipe for banana bread.  All I did was type banana bread and hundreds. . . if not thousands of pictures came up with links to different recipes.  One of the first recipes I tried, was this recipe with a yummy streusel top.  Who doesn't like a crumby top?  mmmmm. . . it was good! I highly recommend it.  It was quite tasty.  I still like this recipe best, but this one was fun and tasty and completely worth baking. . . more than once!

You can find the amazing recipe here

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