Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Button Love

Have I mentioned my new love (and maybe, addiction?) for Pinterest?  (side note: you can follow me if you are interested in seeing what I am inspired by or just think is plain cool if you want).  I am finding all sorts of inspiration there. . . it's great.  Plus, I can just pin things to save the ideas for later so I don't have to try to remember where I saw a cool idea from.  It's great, really. . . it's great!  

So, for my friend's wedding (my son was the ring bearer!), I saw this card and decided to try it out.  I grabbed my jar of purple, pink, and red buttons (you can buy small bags of coordinating colors of random buttons at JoAnns for a couple of dollars), a bottle of modgepodge, and a red marker.  I layed it out to see if I could even come close to arranging the buttons in a heart shape.  Then, I slowly glued each one on to my cardstock.  I wrote love in my prettiest handwriting . . . I was so sure I was going to mess this up! And finished it off by rounding the two right side corners.  

I think I like how it turned out. I've seen a lot of ideas with buttons. . . . some great gift ideas out there.  I'm thinking I am going to have to try some out. . . after my year commitment to not overcommiting is over. 

And since, I am on the topic of how cool Pinterest is. . . here is a link to an amazing breakfast recipe for one. . . it is awesome and quick. . . Apple Pie Oatmeal.  Doesn't that just sound wonderful?  It is . . . it really is!  Plus I wasn't hungry an hour later, which is a BIG problem for me. 

Have a wonderful day!  

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