Monday, October 17, 2011

Toddler Time: Color Matching Game

My son is completely in love with games.  He is also completely in love with learning.  So, I started making file folder games for him. . . he loves them!  A few months ago, we were at Home Depot getting some paint picking out paint colors for our Master bathroom (we still haven't picked a color) when Ethan noticed the Disney samples that were in the same shape as Mickey's Head.  We grabbed a few, but not 2 of the same colors for him to play with, and he started trying to match the colors, but couldn't.  So . . . back to Home Depot we went to get matching colors.  I stuck 1 of each color on with clear contact paper and covered both sides of the matching card with contact paper and we had an instant game. . . and the best part. . . didn't cost us anything (we already had a pack of file folder games and the contact paper). 
Here's the game. . . cool, huh?
Ethan matching the Mickey Mouse Heads. 

I am having so much fun watching my 3 year old learn.  He just soaks everything in. . . like a sponge.  It makes the teacher in me very proud!   Have you done anything creative with Paint Chips?  

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  1. I absolutely loved the idea! I will do this to my 4 year old Daughter and switch the picture to numbers to help her with her math!


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