Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ethan is 8 {A Soccer Party!}

 This post is way past due.  But, with all the crazy of back to school and getting back into the swing of things, Ethan turned 8.  It is hard to believe that he is that old.  Pinch me.  Anyways, we went back and forth with having a party or going to an Earthquakes game.  He is really into soccer these days and so we decided to have a soccer party and attempt to do tone it down.  I looked into renting one of the fields at our local indoor soccer place, which was super inexpensive, but it's still HOT here in September and it's super hot in the facility.  That, and we had to juggle the start of the soccer season so we decided to do it at home and do it in the evening, when it was cooler and grill some hotdogs.  We invited family and friends and borrowed my nephew's soccer goals.  It was so much fun! 
I made these cupcakes from Annie's Eats, except I forgot cream cheese and just made a whipped buttercream frosting that tasted amazing!  I made them back for Ethan's 4th birthday and they were just so awesome, I new that they would be perfect for this party!

Soccer Popcorn was so easy!  Just some almond bark melted and crumbled up oreos tossed with some popcorn.  It was also a big hit!  I may have gone a little crazy with Oreos!

We printed out coloring pages for the kids to color if they got hot, or just didn't want to play.  Ethan invited a few of his girl friends (not girlfriends. . . ha ha ha).  I really wanted to have something for them to do, if they weren't all that interested in playing soccer.  I also had tattoos, bubbles and chalk to keep them busy. 

And that's pretty much Ethan's party!  Kind of simple, but Jon still said I went overboard. . . ha ha! I can't really help it, I love throwing parties!  I did all of the design work with some soccer balls and backgrounds I bought off Etsy. And stocked up on Target's Cheeky plates and napkins that were black and white.  Black, white, and green we easier than I expected it to be!

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