Thursday, April 20, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming! {Apple Theme}

 It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over and yet, there is still so much to do.  While we are in the middle of making our plans for the summer, I am also trying to finish a couple of projects before the kids get out.  First up is Teacher Appreciation Week in 2 weeks.  Our school celebrates it the first week of May, and we are planning some super fun things to spoil our teachers.

 Teachers work so hard and deserve all the encouragement that they can get.  They work hard both on and off the clock, spend their own money on our children, work hard to meet the requirements the district, state, and country place on them despite the demographics, learning styles, and other things that come into play.  Having been a teacher, I think that making sure they are loved on and encouraged is important to me, because I've been in their shoes. 

So, I love that I get to be a part of this amazing week the school, where my kids attend. As I was planning this year's theme, I was looking at pictures from last year's fun and I thought I would share the printables so that you, too, can be inspired to love on your child's teacher. All of the things were very inexpensive to do and so our teachers had gifts in their boxes all 5 days and then a Salad Bar Buffet lunch on Friday.

Last year, we did an Apple theme and I designed tags that went with everything.  It was pretty simple compared to a lot of the themes on Pinterest, but I loved how it came out.  We have some really talented parents at our school, so I found one that made amazing sugar cookies and decorated them beautifully.  It was one of the most loved treats during the week, too!

 We enlisted the help of many of the parents at the school, by having them volunteer to bring items for the Salad Bar and boy, were they generous!  We also bought a few items at Costco.  The teacher's loved it!  The same mom that made the cookies, made cute cupcakes that looked like apples to go with our theme. 

 I hope that you get to spoil your teacher's just a little in the upcoming weeks. . . they deserve it! 
 Please use these for personal use only and if you feel like it. . . snap a pic and use the #outoftherightbrainblog or tag me @jolieklassen so I can see what you are doing! 

Here are the tags and banner:

You can print the tags here.

You can print the banner here

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