Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Week, part 1

Gingerbread week got off to an awesome start! At the beginning of the week, I always try to make some sort of breakfast treat that is easy for Jon to grab on the way out the door. (I will confess that I have been really bad lately). So, this week, it just made sense to make something to go along with our gingerbread week, so gingerbread muffins we had. I will mention that they were delicious and did NOT last very long at all. Even Ethan gobbled them up rather quickly!

This recipe came from Taste of Home and recommended a lemon curd recipe to go along with it. I honestly wasn't so sure about the lemon and gingerbread combo. . . so I didn't make the lemon curd. You can find this delicious recipe here. I will also note that this recipe was one of their award winners. . . and it was a winner in our family!


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  1. Oh Jolie -- you really missed out when you passed on the lemon curd. Lemon and gingerbread is amazing! Try it next time -- you won't be disappointed.


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