Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School: A Wrap Up

The first day of school was huge milestone for our family.  Our first started school for the first time. ever.  (I probably mentioned that a few times in the previous posts!).  We chose to homeschool for preschool and that was fun!  I was able to use my background in education and he was able to get a pretty good early education for. . . pretty much nothing!  It was a win-win in our house.  This year, he went off to school. . . 5 days a week. . . almost all day.  It's pretty awesome!
 Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but it's so nice to have him learning and growing. . . away from me.  He is developing his independence as an almost 5 year old and loving it!  (THIS KID LOVES SCHOOL!!).   I am loving the time I get to spend with my blonde little one.  We are spending lots of time eating cinnamon crunch bagels and playing with trains.  We have even started a bit of Mommy School, which is starting out with a literacy Bear Themed unit and some crafts/activities that bring about creativity but also work with fine motor skills.  We will be transitioning to Letter of the Week in a few months. . . but first we have to potty train.  :)  I absolutely LOVE this time (I may rethink this in a few weeks when potty training)!  

Don't worry, I get super antsy around 1 because I just cannot wait to pick up Ethan from school!  I love it.  I love his excitement towards everything about school.  It's great!
 For school, we spent a lot of time praying about how and where to educate our children.  The more we prayed about it the more we felt that our local elementary school was the answer.  I knew I didn't want to home school beyond the preschool years unless it was absolutely necessary.  We didn't really have the finances to spend on private school (food or education?).  But, we are blessed to have an amazing school just a short walk from our house (Awesome!).  I can't begin to tell you how within the first week, I just felt a wave of joy/giddiness because I knew this was where God wanted us.  Before Ethan started school, my window of "ministry" should we say, was pretty much limited to church. . . that was my social life was.  Now, I am meeting new moms and many of them may not know God.  What an awesome opportunity!  Ethan's teacher is a Christian, which is a huge plus.  But, we also really love the opportunity for Ethan to be able to let his little light shine.
I am also looking forward to being able to bless and encourage our children's teachers this year.  I LOVED that when I taught in the private school system.  I am looking forward to the many possibilities that this year has to offer!  

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What were some of the highlights of your first week?

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