Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I'm digging right now. ..

First things . . . I originally started this blog post yesterday morning while sitting in the early morning quiet of my home.   The kids were still sleeping soundly.  My workout was done.   It was wonderful.  I typed a paragraph and BAM. . . the peace, the quiet, the solitude. . . gone.  Ahh, the life of a mom!

Tonight, I am sitting here at a table in the basement where my oldest is attempting to fall asleep in the next room.  Every creak from people walking above us is an excuse.  He's tired, I'm tired.  I am hoping (and praying!) it won't be long!  We are on our annual get-a-way weekend with family.  There is fun to be had!   It's the perfect time to blog. . . waiting for your kid to fall asleep so you can go and join the rest of the adults for some kid-free fun!

So, here are my Friday Favorites for you. . . a bit late.  But, before I begin, I am proud to say, that I uncovered my house from the funk that was brought on by having a kid in school (that's what I accomplished this week!).

1.  Meet the newest member to my kitchen family:
Seriously, I have been in love since I found it last year when I was spending my free money from Sur la Table.  I had used my coupon then to purchase another Joseph Joseph product and toyed with buying this instead.  I have had it in my wishlist and I haven't gotten it yet, so I bought it.  It rocks!  It twists flat so that storing is awesome, but it is very sturdy.  Mine is colorful. . . because I am a huge fan of  color!  If you've never used a Joseph Joseph product, I highly recommend trying it out. . . so worth it (and reasonable, too!).

2.  My Paper Pumpkin welcome kit finally arrived!  It was like Christmas!  I can't wait to share all about it next week. . . seriously I was able to be whisked away to happy land, without leaving my house or making a huge mess.  It was a win win!  And, I got to be creative!  I can't wait to share with you what came in the box and my cool projects!  

3.  Lemonade.
I am so in love with lemonade.  It have been my celebratory drink each night after the kids go to bed.  I love to stick fresh strawberries or raspberries in it, for even a better treat!  My favorite is Simply Lemonade.  I've tried other brands and even have tried some fancy labels like this and was not impressed. . . something about combining grape juice and apple juice doesn't do it for me.  

Oh and a little tid bit, if you are serving lemonade at a party (even the Country Time kind!).  Pour some vanilla in it for a delicious twist!  It has wowed many a guests since a friend and I tried it out!   I promise. . . it's awesome!

And that's it for now. . . my favorite instagram I will share Monday. . . because I want to go enjoy some adult conversations while the kiddos are sound asleep.  

Have a happy Labor Day!

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